Architectural Technical Design

Architectural Tender Designs means producing the drawings and specification that will be used during construction.


In order to build your building, you will first need a set of Technical Drawings and an NBS Specification.

The technical drawings are the most detailed set of drawings we produce, they go down into the literal nuts and bolts of the building – providing all the detail required for the construction phase.

The NBS specification also goes into an incredible amount of detail about the products, but it also goes into the workmanship qualities. This ensures the contractor doesn’t have a way of cutting corners and everything is built to a standard you requested. And if it isn’t, we can condemn the work and ensure it is built correctly at no extra cost to the client.

There are aspects of the detail we don’t design ourselves, as it is for specialist design consultants to do. Designs such as the foundations, civils or structural aspects, we will put together a team of the relevant consultants. With us coordinating this centrally, it will mean you don’t end up with a design where you have clash’s between the civil drawings and electrical drawing – which can cause delays during the construction phase and increase costs to the client.

We also work closely with our in-house interior design team during this process. Ensuring every interior finish is detailed and as suited to your requirements as the roof, walls and floor are.


Building Regulations apply for mostly any alterations, conversions, extensions and new builds, even if you are not applying for planning permission are completing the work under permitted development rights. You need to evidence that you are complying with Building Regulations and submit your project’s Building Regulations drawings for Building Control approval. Building control will also inspect your project throughout the build.

Pier Architecture provides these drawings as part of their architectural technical design drawings to ensure that the process from design to build runs smoothly and any issues are anticipated and resolved before submitting plans for approval – or can be remedied effectively and efficiently if there is an issue.

Building Regulation drawings are based on technical legislation that is laid out in the Approved Documents to ensure that your project is safe for people in and around your building, will be of a good standard, and meets the required living standards.

Requirements for Building Regulations drawings differ with every project. A residential extension may require details of the provision of drainage, a loft conversion will require evidence of emergency escapes and fire safety, whereas a conversion of offices or a house into flats will require detailed energy information.

In the UK each local council has a Building Control department, and we will prepare and submit your drawings for approval and liaise with the relevant inspector. This will include managing information from third party consultants, such as structural engineers and ensuring all information needed is included.


The next stage in this process is to convert collate the technical drawings and NBS specifications into a tender package, so the contractor can use these to procure and build from.

During this part of the process we go through value engineering design reviews. We do this at every stage, but this is probably the key stage for value engineering, and we assess every part of the design, aiming to save you on cost wherever it is possible.

A comprehensive tender package will ensure the building contractor and suppliers have all they need to competitively tender for the project and submit proposals and costs based on your specific requirements rather than their terms or choices. It helps to keep them mindful of pricing and quality of products so the client will get the best value for money.


Pier Architecture works with clients from inception to completion and everything that is part of the technical design is all part of the process for us – we have the experience and knowledge to ensure they are completed and submitted comprehensively for first time approval. If you would like to talk to us about technical drawings, building control, tender process or any part of the design process please do get in touch.