BMW Hungerford

Refurbishment of the existing BMW facility to bring it up to current standards

Client: Dick Lovett Ltd
Location: Hungerford
Budget: £750,000.00

Project brief:

This project is really interesting as the existing facility at Hungerford is a really unique building on a very constrained site. The shape of the building does not lend itself to the very angular and rectangular layout of the latest BMW CI. Instead, we have been working with BMW on creating a unique, boutique style showroom experience, the first of its kind in the UK.

What we did:
To date, we have been involved with BMW and Dick Lovett on the creation of the new concept, which is currently going through the BMW approvals process. We are hoping to receive approval in March, when we will be able to commence the construction drawings with a view to starting on site in Q3 2022.

Images courtesy of Taylor Design Architects Ltd.