MINI Hungerford

Extension and redevelopment of the existing MINI site to create a bigger workshop and showroom and consolidated compound and customer parking

Client: Dick Lovett Ltd
Location: Hungerford
Contractor: TBC
Budget: £3m

Project brief:

The Brief from Dick Lovett was to increase the aftersales facility, bring in a dual branded BMW MINI showroom and increase workshop capacity whilst encapsulating the adjacent pub building that was purchased by Dick Lovett a few years earlier.

A proposal had already been produced by BMW’s brand architect’s that Dick Lovett weren’t entirely happy with and we were tasked with creating the same space allocations in a more concise design.

MINI, Hungerford

What we did:
With no prior knowledge of the BMW proposals, Pier Architecture adopted their core value of ‘keeping things simple’ to provide a simple sideways extension to both the workshop and showroom towards the pub building encapsulating the essence of the design intentions but in a much simpler and more cost effective solution than that proposed by BMW.

The proposals were a resounding success and have been approved by both Dick Lovett and BMW and we are currently in the early planning stages, waiting for a pre-app response from West Berks Council.

MINI, Hungerford
MINI, Hungerford