Pier Architecture head office

Conversion of existing storage unit into Pier Architecture head office

Client: Pier Architecture
Location: Cirencester
Contractor: Sapphire Group UK Ltd
Budget: £50,000.00

Project brief:

Provided with a plan as to what needed to be included in the space, EB Interiors was given the opportunity to transform the unused, some what blank canvas storage facility into the new Pier Architecture open plan office space. The brief included an industrial feel, along with using colours to compliment the existing Pier Architecture branding.

Pier Architects Head Office

What we did:
We were very excited to be given this opportunity and work with Pier Architecture again. As mentioned, the client provided us with an initial plan as to what he needed in the space, and with a few tweaks we were able to give him that and more. We used a clean, simple colour palette of black, greys and white along with introducing natural textures and tones in the flooring, furniture and planting. We zoned each of the areas using both different wall finishes, furniture and lighting creating a cohesive and exciting working environment for the ever-expanding team at Pier Architecture!

Pier Architects Head Office
Pier Architects Head Office
Pier Architects Head Office