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Task Management

No such thing as a stupid question…

Never be afraid to ask the ‘stupid’ question. I see so many times in this industry professionals afraid to look like they don’t know it all, especially in meetings for fear of looking unprofessional, which is absurd.

This industry is simply too widespread and vast for anyone to understand or know everything, thats exactly why we have so many different specialists. Roundtable meetings, conferences and well, any interaction are all opportunities for increasing you understanding and the more ‘stupid questions’ we ask the more we understand.

We would always rather people ask questions than nod along because you can bet your bottom dollar, we will be doing just that. A greater understanding, the sharing of knowledge and coming together as a team should be welcomed, promoted and championed, its how we produce a more cohesive design and how we reduce errors. And remember, if you’re thinking of asking the question, chances are most of the other people in the room are probably thinking the exact same thing. #nofear #construction