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Teamwork is key!

Teamwork is key!

So often we work through projects constantly trying to point blame, cover our arses and pass the buck. Why is this always the first stance we take?

I have worked in many partnerships between clients, contractors and consultants and even when there is a very strong ethos on team, every member of the ‘team’ would subconsciously revert to the litigious position of arse covering, just in case…

This only serves to prolong projects, it costs the client more and puts a metaphorical wedge between all members of the team, and for what? To avoid the risks, to keep a clean nose, so that when something goes wrong you can point fingers.
What if we could shed these preconceptions about the construction process, what if we could truly act as a team, share the highs, share the lows, collectively solve problems and move from start to finish as a true team?

I would like to think its not a pipe dream but as we stand right now it definitely isn’t within easy reach.